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FKD is in the process of commercializing a safety needle design, which has been produced in a batch for trial testing. Our company has a unique mix of expertise for solving “ground-level” inefficiencies and shortcomings in the acute care environment. We use medical experience to identify problems, then find and refine solutions using design and engineering to make a commercially viable product with a clear business plan.

We were founded in 2012 to commercialize medical device designs. Based out of London, Ontario, we provide design and development services to help innovators take their idea from concept to production. Drop us a line if you have idea you need help developing.

our services


we will work with you to refine your idea from a sketch on a napkin into a reality; once your idea is a reality, we will develop it to the point where it can be mass-produced


FKD will help you make batch production runs of your design, using the latest in rapid tooling

business planning

we will help design a product with your business objectives in mind

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