the fkd safety needle tip

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benefits – preventing needlestick injuries

immediately and safely sheathed

Many needle procedures, whether blood draw or injection, place providers at risk from unsheathed contaminated needles. Our system is superior to previous safety needles in that the needle tip is almost immediately and safely sheathed as it exits the patient. It does so in a manner that does not interfere with the procedure being performed, and which does not require any extra steps.

simpler to use

The FKD safety tip is also simpler to use; existing systems often require either a block, into which the safety needle is stuck, a sliding guard which requires the user to manually clip shut, or a retracting sharp, which is still exposed throughout the procedure.

guarded tip throughout procedure

Competitors’ designs require time and coordination – our design eliminates these issues and allows the needle tip to be guarded throughout the entire process.

makes procedures safer

Our product also makes the some procedures, such as arterial blood gas sampling, easier to perform, as it allows the user to safely palpate the radial artery up to the point of penetrating skin.


The FKD safety needle tip consists of a plastic enclosure, which safely and completely houses a hypodermic needle, for use with a syringe to perform blood draw or injection. After the procedure is complete, the needle’s sharp tip is permanently contained within the enclosure, so as to make it “safe” by preventing the chance of a stick injury.

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  • Client: medical professionals
  • Date: July, 2013
  • Services: safe needle design, medical device design